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    Emeralds are highly valuable gemstones,
    and Colombian Emeralds are known worldwide for their excellence

    in quality and beauty.


We would like the opportunity to develop a relationship with your business. We are committed to bringing you the best product and service in the industry. Please email us or give us a call. 321-693-4425, info@chivormines.com

Colombian Emerald Exports

CEE is an innovating Colombian mining company engaged in Emeralds extraction and Emeralds trading. Stablished in 2011 with the idea of leading a new and revolutionary emerald gemstones market. Despite it being a young company, its CEO and top executives have more than 23 years in the business and the company's working policy adapts to important values like the care for customers and suppliers, the quality of the product and the honest work. We provide any Colombian Emerald Gemstone to our customers due to the ownership of a mine in Chivor and business relationships with a vast number of producers, including Muzo mines, Coscuez, among others.

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